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International Luxury Gold Plating

Years ago, people frowned upon jewelry when it was plated. This form of jewelry, also referred to as “gold filled” jewelry was considered low quality and any individual who could afford the price would go out and purchase jewelry that was solid gold. Today, times, have changed as more and more people are interested in gold plating. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you the benefits of gold filled jewelry.

One of the biggest advantages would be   gold plating  the price. It is okay to purchase a necklace, bracelet or ring that is plated – it does not mean you are cheap. In fact, unless you tell someone it is gold plated or they closely inspect it, no one is going to notice. Plating is nothing to be ashamed of – it just means you know how to shop smartly.

Because it is so affordable, you will be able to have a large collection. Due to the low price, you will be able to build up your collection of unique rings, bracelets, etc. Doesn’t that sound great? Once you have that collection built up, you will have a large amount of necklaces, rings and bracelets to choose from. You can easily have a necklace that matches every outfit you have in your closet.

People usually do not think about this one, but the price of insuring jewelry can get pretty expensive. If your collection is luxurious 24ct. gold, it will be just as unique, but the cost for insuring it will be a bit lower. The money you save for insuring your collection could be put towards purchasing a new ring or necklace.

Since we mentioned the advantages, we feel that it is only fair to list the disadvantages of gold plating. Of course, plating in precious metals is not cheaper for nothing. The jewelry that is layered in such metals can easily tarnish, especially if you wear it all the time. The design can be excellent, but in due time, the collection can lose its shine. However, you can make the collection last for a long period of time by taking care of it. You should clean the collection frequently – it is just like cleaning platinum or silver jewelry. Yes, plated gold is not real gold on the inside, only on the outside, but it is still pure 24ct. gold. There are various home remedies you can use, involving baking soda and toothpaste, that you can use in order to clean the collection.

Gold jewelry is never going to be out of style because it is so beautiful. Believe it or not, more people prefer gold plating over any other form, because of the reasons we listed in the above paragraphs. Besides, it looks like original gold, so, why not? As an ending note, did you know that gold plating isn’t just done to jewelry? It is also done to flatware, MP3 players, mobile phones and cutlery.

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