Higher Productivity and Security With Windows 2008 Hosting

Top 5 IPTV services of 2022 - YouTubeFew parts of aircraft have evolved as little as the communications capability. OK, we no longer use tubes in the radios but other than that, the VHF AM system is as legacy as they come. To add insult to injury, when the shortage of frequencies in the aviation band finally forced the industry to do something, instead of going for a modern and future proof solution, the channel spacing was split from 25 to 8.33 kHz best iptv . While partially solving the frequency problem, this solution did little more then perpetuating the shortcomings of the legacy voice system for decades to come. Who wants to think about yet another upgrade when the industry has just recently invested in 8.33? This sad picture in the voice communications arena is matched by an even bigger problem in air/ground data communications.

In the meantime, more and more airlines and aircraft types are offering truly cutting edge technology to enable passengers to send email, browse the internet, watch television and (brrrr!) even use their cell phones in flight. Earlier attempts, like Connexion by Boeing were not a huge success but this has not discouraged airlines like Lufthansa from signing up with new contenders. True, these now offer much more efficient and reliable service, so the added value is there. In fact, there are several new offerings on the market, all competing to get on board somebody’s aircraft. Clearly, passengers’ thirst for maintaining their connectivity while airborne is an irresistible force for airlines and providers alike.

What seems to have been forgotten by the bean counters, who seem to think that an aircraft ends at the cockpit door, are a few innocuous appearing words in the operational concept of the new air traffic management system in both Europe (SESAR) and the USA (NextGen). The aircraft will be a node on the air traffic management network using and being served by System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Of course everybody has signed up to the SWIM concept because its benefits are beyond a doubt…

A hosting company that offers Windows 2008 will be able to offer more processing power for less based on lower power consumption. Tests show Windows Server 2008 using less power than Windows Server 2003 when running on the same hardware at comparable levels of throughput, achieving power savings of up to 10 percent. This is achieved partly through the power management policy in Windows Server 2008 that automatically reduces the performance levels during periods of reduced demand for processor resources.

Get faster backup technology and better disaster protection with Windows Server Backup in Windows 2008, using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and block-level backup technology. This new technology offers faster backups, simplified restoration and recovery, ability to recover applications, and improved scheduling, while retaining support for manual backups. It also provides for the offsite removal of backups for disaster protection, remote administration, automatic disk usage management, extensive command-line support, and support for optical media drives and removable media.

If you have dedicated servers that aren’t run through a GUI, or that require higher security, the Server Core installation option could serve your needs. The Server Core installation is a minimal installation (1 GB of disk space) for Windows 2008 server in which only the items required for the specified server roles are installed. That reduces software maintenance, management, and attack surface on the server. The Server Core installation provides an environment for server roles including Active Directory Domain Services, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, DHCP Server, DNS Server, File Services, Print Server, and Streaming Media Services. (Windows Server Backup is not available with Server Core installation.)

Streaming Media Services allow you to deploy a Windows Media server, a platform for streaming live and on-demand digital media content over networks. If your company manages network resources to deliver rich communications for online learning, marketing, and sales, Streaming Media Services can provide the platform you need to deliver the material efficiently, robustly, and at a reasonable cost. Other uses include wireless broadband entertainment, Internet broadcasting, secure audio and video content, and high.

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