Golf Lessons Tips – Choosing Your Golf Pro

Legends Club | Troon.comFor those of us who are serious about this wonderful game, golf lessons can form an integral part of the armoury we use in our efforts to master it Golf Lessons Nashville. OK, I’m sure none of us is crazy enough to think that we will ever get the better of the game, because we all know that as soon as we get to a point where we think we’ve cracked it, it has a nasty habit of jumping up and biting us on the butt.

From my own experience, however, the sad truth is that some teaching pros fall short in their efforts to help us to play the best golf we’re capable of playing, instead teaching their pupils in a way that often focuses on trying to get them to play golf that they’re not capable of playing.

In this series of three articles, I shall explain what I mean by sharing some of my own golf lesson experiences. However, just before I do, I must emphasise that what I’m about to say is not a general criticism of teaching pros; in fact, you will have gathered from the first sentence that I’m a fan of taking golf lessons as a means of golf improvement. My purpose is twofold: firstly, to highlight that care needs to be taken in choosing whom we entrust our game to and, secondly, to share one or two bits of golf advice that you can use to help you play better golf.

OK, he went through the routine questions about my game, got me to hit a few balls – which tended to go right – then zeroed in on my grip telling me it was too weak. Fine so far you might think; but it went downhill from there because he then told me to move my hands to the left on the grip so that my left hand was a little more under the shaft and my right hand a little more on top to make it stronger.

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a golf pro is whether or not you want to join a golf school or take individual lessons. There are benefits to both options as you still get to work with a pro regardless. However, you will get far more individual attention with private lessons. Money is also an issue when it comes to hiring a pro versus attending a school.

While it is going to be expensive whatever route you decide on, it is important you have a budget in mind. How much are you really willing to pay just to improve your golf swing? There will be more experienced pros that will cost more than others. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $300. For this reason, set a price limit for what you are willing to pay for and what is too much.

It can be difficult deciding on or finding the perfect instructor for you. You may find that co-workers or friends have hired a pro themselves. Ask around and see what recommendations you can get from others. In addition to talking to friends, try to get in contact with former students or current students of the pro. This can help you learn first-hand what kind of an instructor they really are.

One of the most important things to do when looking to take golf lessons from a pro is contact them and ask questions. Do not be afraid to find out what type of person they are, how they will improve your game, and whether or not they will be dedicated to helping you. It is important you and your instructor have the same goals; improving your overall golf game. If the both of you are equally committed, it will be much easier to actually succeed.

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